The Year Sri Ananda Bahwan was first established by a Single Mother named Radhaby. She first started the business as an Enterprise at Jalan Bagan Luar, Butterworth . Word of mouth spread like wildfire, people from all walks of life came to try our mouth watering dishes.

The Founders of Sri Ananda Bahwan

Our mouth watering dishes were in high demand, both her sons V Selvaraj and V Harikrishnan had to give up their studies to join the business. Selvaraj was designated to be the Restaurants Head Chef and also take charge of the kitchen . On the other hand, Harikrishnan managed the restaurant to success.

Business grew exponentially for Sri Ananda Bahwan, more family members joined the business and have made it the success it is today. In time, the business grew, and many other branches were established. The business was then converted into Private Limited Company (PLC).

Sri Ananda Bahwan is now one of the Best Banana Leaf Restaurant in Malaysia and has grown to be the largest with 15 branches across Malaysia.

The Determination and Fighting Spirit showed by both brother has ensured them the road to success and victory.

The first Branch that was established at Jalan Bagan Luar, Butterworth in 1991