Sri Ananda Bahwan Catering

"Professional Outdoor Caterers for all reasons"

    Food is the staple of life and definitely the heart of every event. Food matters, and we know that. That’s why we will do our very best to make your event special and remarkable by selecting the freshest and finest ingredients and turning it into magical dishes that you and our guests will love. Customers can join us in creating a menu that will please your tastebuds for sure. Customers are always welcomed to come over to any of our outlets for a food tasting session. Just make sure to give as a call and make your reservation.

Our professional design team will take your vision and turn it into reality. We are sure that you would only want the best for you event, therefore our designated coordinator will make sure that every single dish requested is beautifully presented to you. We have years of experience in catering and have served may corporate clients as well as top Malaysian Government officials in Malaysia.

"Sri ananda bahwan, the leading caterer in penang"

    We have 20 years of experience working in the Food & beverage industry. We are capable of catering from 30 - 50000 pax per day. Sri Ananda Bahwan catering crew is happy and well-prepared to provide a variety of food display setup and setting layouts. We specialise in crowd flow and food serving, and will be a great assistance in planning and managing events of any size.We always have been popular for our “on the spot” cooking stalls. We bring our talented chefs to create a show for your event. Our stalls appear to be an event entertainer to guest. The handcraft decoration are elegant and go well with the other setups. Beverage support is often down played when selecting menus and its items. Nevertheless. we take effort in selecting high standard0catering with select cordial brands in preparing the carious soft drinks and juices outlined in our menu. A large portion of SAB’s menu is centred on traditional south indian and north indian cuisine that has an intense play of ancient and healthy spices and herbs. Malaysian cuisine and western snack items are also available to suit the diverse Malaysian cultural background and their love of great tasting food to be spread out at your event. SAB’s choices of menu would be able to capture and present to your guests the authentic heritage of curries, masalas, and spices. This is important to add favour to your event.

Terms & Conditions


Price quotes shall be charge Per Pax basis for the menu only.

Tables shall be provided for buffet setup by the organiser (SAB will provide the ’skirting’ for the food display buffet table )

Customers can request us to bring our own tables for buffet set-up. (That will be free of charge)

Service Surcharges

Additional waiter charges will be included if customer requires for more labour . Rm 50.00 per waiter.

An instant cooking would incur additional charges of RM 50.00 per Chef.

Handling Charges

Reasonable additional transport charges shall be applied depending on the distance of the event being held.

Transport & Service charges shall be applied for orders with less than 50pax.


A payment of 60% shall be made upon Event Order confirmation and the balance is to be fully settled after / before the function date.

All Cheque payments are to be made payable to “ SRI ANANDA BAHWAN CATERING SDN BHD ”

All Cash payments are to be directly deposited into CIMB account
(Account no: 07051155593052 ) and proof of payment is to be faxed to SRI ANANDA BAHWAN’s office.


Cancellation of order will be accepted at least 6-working days prior to the function.

Cancellation within less than 24 hours notice shall attract 50 % of the menu price as Cancellation Charges


The Company shall not be responsible for any shortcoming if the guests turn out to be more than the confirmed number of pax ordered.

The Company shall not entertain any complains or claims if the food turned out bad due to delay from the confirmed serving time.

Any changes requested in the confirmed menu less than 36 hours from the function date will not be entertained.