Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant is a large food service company introduced in 1991. We specialise in providing valuable and tasty food to Malaysians. Our dishes are always made from the finest and best quality. Hygiene has always been our main concern. Our staffs are all well-trained to be respectful to our customers. Our company have won numerous awards from the local authority for cleanliness. We have been in the food sector for more than two decades. It all started when a single mother and her eight children moved to Butterworth.

Radhaby who is from taiping rented a very small space and started the business with the name “ Sri Ananda Bahwan”. All of the siblings were working in the restaurant. It was a typical family business indeed. Mr.V Selvaraj and MR.V Harikrishnan were two main players of the Business. By 1994, the restaurant was booming and the brothers decided to expand their business in Sungai Petani, Kedah. In 2000, both the brothers managed to buy over the shoplift in butterworts. The business then slowly and gradually grew. As the business grew bigger, the brothers faces a lot of completion and challenges. The situation was tough for both the brother and the family.

They both were not highly educated, but the unity between them kept the business alive. The handwork and sacrifices had ensured the the success. Sri Ananda Bahwan is most well-known for our banana leaf rice. After expanding their restaurant business. The brothers aim is to diversify in different fields of businesses. We as an emerging company will always look forward to being successful in every sector of business that venture into. Our experience in this field will serve you the best.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”